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Bubbling Beauties BB

Luxuriously Handcrafted Bath & Body Products

Lindsi Miller - CEO of Bubbling Beauties BB, LLC

About the Owner


Bubbling Beauties products are AMAZING. Everything Lindsi creates has been AMAZING. They leave your skin feeling soft and you don't feel like you need to rinse off after taking a bath from the oils/colors.  I couldn't even begin to list my favorite scents because honestly, they are all fabulous. These products are very affordable and I won't shop for bath bombs anywhere else!!!!

Heather M.

I love Bubbling Beauties BB.  Lindsi’s products have helped my whole family with our dry skin due to the CO weather. Our skin is so soft again!! The kids just love the bath bombs and the fun colors. The scents are amazing and the prices are great too! 10/10!

Kati S.

I absolutely LOVE Bubbling Beauties BB products made my Lindsi!!! She has so much to offer and you will never be disappointed. Her products WORK and definitely last unlike other brands. My favorite products are the Body Butters and the Sugar Scrubs! You can never go wrong with choosing a product from this amazing lady and her company.

Tasha M.

Handcrafted Bath & Body Products

Unique designs, safe ingredients, handmade!

Skin Loving Ingredients

From our bath bombs to sugar scrubs and every product in between!

Self care is essential to our well being

You can't pour from an empty cup, as they say. Setting even a few moments aside for yourself can make a world of difference for your physical and mental health!