Custom Orders

Have a custom order in mind? We would LOVE to help you! Bubbling Beauties BB can customize Bath Bombs, Epsom Salt Soaks, Lip Balms, and Sugar Scrubs with many color and fragrance/flavor options to fit your needs!

*We require a minimum of 2 weeks notice to fill most orders, as each is handcrafted and supplies must be ordered if they are not readily available. Often times, custom orders are filled much sooner. Please note this does NOT include shipping time.*


Custom Product Options: 


 Bath Bombs

Price: Varies by design (can discuss options)

Minimum Order: 5 per design with 1 Fragrance choice

Maximum Order: 25 with up to 5 Fragrance choices

Lip Balms

Price: $3.99 each

Minimum Order: 10 Lip Balms with 1 Flavor choice

Maximum Order: 100 Lip Balms with up to 10 Flavor choices

Epsom Salt Soaks

Price: $6.99 each (16oz)

Minimum Order: 3 Bags with 1 Fragrance choice (Eucalyptus & Spearmint, Lavender, Orange, Coconut)

Maximum Order: 15 Bags with up to 4 Fragrance choices

Sugar Scrubs

$9.99 each (8oz)

Minimum Order: 3 Jars with 1 Fragrance choice

Maximum Order: 12 Jars with up to 4 Fragrance choices



To submit a request for a custom order, please click this link to fill out the custom order request form -

We will get back to you within 48 business hours!